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A lushly drawn imagining of the women who inspired Pablo Picasso, the  muses behind some of his greatest works, and the enduring influence of love and art.

Picasso's Lovers is the latest novel from historical novelist Jeanne Mackin.  Her previous novel, The Last Collection, has been translated into five languages.  She lives and writes in upstate New York.


"Art comes alive in this intimate glimpse into the women behind the masterpieces.  A beautiful read!"  - Chanel Cleeton


"A bold, sumptuous portrait of a great artist and the women who inspired, frustrated, loved, and loathed him."  - Kate Quinn


"Utterly absorbing and vivid! Picasso's Lovers invites the reader to spend the summer on the beaches of Antibes in 1923 as the guest of Gerald and Sara Murphy...and Picasso.  Richly woven into the outsized shadow of the famous artist lies the surprising heart of the book - a resonant, honest tale of women and lovers, mothers and daughters. Very  transportative." - Suzanne Rindell