By Jeanne Mackin

The Sweet By and By

Historical Fiction

“What toll can grief extract from a life? This is the question that Mackin…asks of her two main characters as their lives interweave in history. Helen West is a modern-day journalist seeking to recover from the devastating death of her lover. To do so, she is investigating the life of Maggie Fox, founder of the American spiritualism movement in the 1800’s. As Helen writes an article on Maggie’s tragic, brutal and oddly heroic life, she begins to experience some of the same events that the visitors to Maggie’s séances experienced. Living alone now, in a huge drafty Victorian manor house…Helen is the perfect candidate for a ghost story. Mackin controls Helen’s spiral down into the terrors of Maggie’s life with a fine hand.”

– Booklist


In a mix of historical biography and lyrical prose, Mackin conjures Victorian America into a wholly realized world and brings to life two women the reader can only cheer and cry for…a lovely novel!

– Booklist

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